A Word From Executive Director

Dear Members,

I give my sincere thanks to you for your support and encouragement in electing me as Executive Director of FBAT and for giving me the opportunity to make my contributions to the association and to work for you.

Fish breeding technology of Taiwan is world-renowned. It is one of the most important agriculture policies the government is actively prompting. Facing impacts of new markets and technologies to breeding industry, and the competition from the rise of China and Southeast Asia, Taiwan should perpetuate to elevate its competitiveness. “If there‘s no fish breeding, there would be no aquaculture.” In light of the pressure from international rivalry, we high quality fish breeding for better international competitiveness.

As long as I came to position, these are my primary goals:

To launch high quality fish breeding projects and to establish outstanding fish breeding farms.

To realize establishment of specialized zones for fish breeding, and to assist our members to professionalize, bring up the scale and to get licensed.

To ensure labor insurance, safety at work and retirement of the workers.

To encourage younger generations to come into the business and make it active. I wish to work with all of you to develop a prosperous and sustainable future of fish breeding.

The four above are important to increase our competitiveness and are our major goals.

Here, I’d also like to thank former Executive Director, Mr. Nai-Heng Yu, former Board Supervisor, Mr. Hong-Qing Xu, and former Executive Secretary, Mr. Ji-Yuan Liu for their effort and devotion. Because of them, this association steadily develops through hard times.

Finally, I wish you prosperity, wealth and health.

Qi-Zhao Chen, Executive Director of FBAT

March 2013